Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Poem for a Lost Soul

Image credit Gothpics

Oh gentle spirit of the night
How you must yearn for an end to your plight
Cursed to walk this garden of the dead
Amongst these gravestones where mortals fear to tread

If only I could help you into the light
To free you from these shackles that bind you so tight
I know the light is so torturously near
But the way to eternity is obscured and unclear

Your lifeless eyes weep a million tears
For the life you once knew which was so full of cheers
To be punished this way till the end of time
Is an evil, malicious and despicable crime

So on this night and but once a year
I come to this place to shed a tear
To gaze upon your beauty and pray for your soul
In the hope that this year you will find your goal.


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