Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bishops Cannings

The village of Bishops Cannings has a rather unpleasant spectre which manifests in the form of a phantom coach and horses and is said to silently glide through the village in the dead of night. The unfortunate outcome of clocking this apparition is a little chilling to say the least. For should you look directly at the coachman, a curse will befall a member of your family causing someone close to you to die.


Todd said...

Wow interesting story, Willow!

I have a great interest in ghosts, especially as I now have regular contact with them (have a look at a recent post I've made at:

Btw, this coming weekend (20-21 June), I'll be in the Wiltshire area teaching a small group of individuals, out-of-body theory and techniques (see: I was hoping as you live in the area, you might want to join us in the evening time for a fireside chat, where we'll be discussing a range of subjects, including UFO activity, the paranormal, OBE phenomena and more.

Many thanks


Willow said...

Hello Todd, just got back from a short vacation so I was unable to meet with you and your group, maybe next time.