Wednesday, 1 May 2013


He passed before me this morning as I stood shaving at my bathroom mirror. I know he did because my reflection was momentarily obscured. This unseen intruder, this uninvited guest, this menace that taunts me at every opportunity, this mischievous, devious and pernicious wraith that has invaded my home, my sanctuary, my very being.

Now as each day passes he becomes more daring, sometimes I sense he is very close, as if he is standing behind me, looking over my shoulder. Sometimes I can smell him, an unmistakable odour, something akin to wet leaves. If only I could reach out and grab him, put my hands about his throat and squeeze the life from him, but how, how do you engage with something you can not see? I dare not tell anyone for fear they think me insane, maybe I am insane. I must not submit, I must find a way to expel this fiend from my home. I pray to God for help, but mostly, I pray for my sanity.


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