Sunday, 27 September 2009

Silbury Hill - Public Notices Don't Work

These notices surround Silbury Hill and yet are repeatedly ignored.

It would seem the blatant disregard for Silbury Hill's public notices which clearly state, 'Please do not climb the monument' continue to be ignored by the minority. Whilst walking passed the Hill the other day, I notice several individuals dressed something akin to the 1970's TV character - Catweasel banging drums and leaping about on top of the Hill like a bunch of crazed marionettes on speed. Now I’m not one to point the finger - well maybe I am, but these individuals bore a striking resemblance to so-called 'modernday pagans' or followers of some other 'earth religion,' both of whom can be found hugging and dancing around Avebury's standing stones; a pursuit which has become fashionable with aging hippies. If it wasn’t the aforementioned, then I apologise. Perhaps it was a coach-load of vagrants on a day trip in the country to attend a percussion recital on top of the Hill. Or perhaps those time-locked hippies, desperately seeking the portal that would send them back to the 1960's. The possibilities are endless. Whoever, or whatever they were, they had no business being up there in the first place. Some folk tend to forget that Silbury Hill is privately owned by Lord Avebury who visits once a year to checkout his Hill which he never climbs incidentally.

Does English Heritage (they maintain Silbury) really have to take measures to safe guard its delicate archaeology from endless assaults from the brain dead minority who blithely contribute to its erosion just so they can get a 'better view' or satisfy some ritual or the like. Does it have no other option but to erect perimeter fences and employ security guards to police it. Sadly I think the answer to both these questions is rapidly becoming a resounding yes! What will it take to get through to these people. Silbury has to be protected for future generations, not just its archaeology but also its delicate flora and fauna which is so important to scientific research.

I remember the exclusion zone imposed by English Heritage to protect Stonehenge. Oh there were those who bemoaned its erection and still do oddly. In fact there are those who spend every waking moment of their miserable existence bemoaning anything that English Heritage turns its hands to, whether it be Stonehenge, or the excellent conservation work it undertook in 2007/08 to ensure Silbury Hill didn’t implode thanks to the indiscriminate digging over the years by misguided treasure seekers. Thank goodness the decision was taken at Stonehenge, can you imagine in all honesty what it would have looked like today if the vandalism had gone unchecked?

I'm sure nobody wants Silbury to go the same way as Stonehenge, but what do you have to do to educate these vacuous individuaks who clearly don't give a flying f**k and are only interested in accomplishing their own selfish pursuits.

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