Monday, 14 February 2011

Holy Cross Church Seend

The village of Seend is situated on the A361 between Devizes and Trowbridge.

I would venture this pretty little village could be forgiven if it were described as opulent, grandiose and maybe just a little ostentatious in its unabashed display of lavish 18th and 19th century manor houses, many of which are concealed behind towering walled enclosures. These beautiful buildings line the High Street, reminders of a time when Wiltshire's thriving wool industry made fortunes for a lucky few.

Just off the High Street is a lane, some 200 yards long, that leads down to the 15th century (although it has Norman foundations) church of the Holy Cross. It is at the arched, rustic iron church gates, that a spectral funeral cortege, comprising of several individuals, ends its solemn procession.

Witnesses tell of having seen the ghostly procession cross the A361 from the village and disappear into the lane. I wonder, could it be possible that the construction of the A361 may have disrupted a ghostly residue and inadvertently triggered a 'psychic playback' from another time.

Descriptions have varied little over the years, but in the main most describe a party consisting of several hazy individuals dressed in dark mourning attire of an 18th century style.

One such account took place in 2006 as an elderly couple were leaving the church having paid their respects at the grave of a relative. Leaving the church they passed through the gates and started back up the lane when they noticed several people walking slowly towards them. Aware of the tales surrounding the lane, they stood 'transfixed' as the procession silently approached them diminishing with every step until nothing was left but an empty lane.

The lane is flanked by high brick walls which conceal the manor houses beyond. It can be lonely spot, a secluded alley away from the village and the thunder of traffic as it passes by on the A361.  A place I would wager may well harbour a haunting or two.

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