Sunday, 17 March 2013

More strange goings on at Avebury Manor

Kitchen showing annex room and corridor exits

There appears to be an increase in ghostly activity at Avebury Manor. Only recently stories have come to my attention with regard to shirt pulling in the corridor leading off from the staffroom. Shadowy figures seen passing the kitchen and snooker balls mysteriously appearing in pockets when the table has been left set for play. There is no history of hauntings in the Billiard Room that I am aware of but there is history of hauntings in the kitchen. A couple of months ago my partner and a member of staff were chatting in the annex room just off the kitchen when they became aware of someone passing the entrance to the annex room. Nothing unusual in that except they were alone in the house.

The ‘shirt pulling’ has been witnessed by two members of staff on separate occasions as they have walked from the staffroom to the toilets.

The snooker balls are a mystery. A cleaner had set the table for play. He left the room momentary, when on his return he was stunned to see the table clear of all the balls which were in their pockets.

Avebury has always been a hotspot for spooky goings on but of late things seemed to have shifted up a gear.

Will keep you posted.


Tandem Skydive said...

Wow this sounds scary!! not going to visit here then!!

Willow said...

LOL! don't let that put you off 'Tandem Skydive'

Anonymous said...

I visited Avebury Manor today. I do have some second sight, whilst I did not see anything visible I became very afraid and hesitant when walking to the kitchen through the corridor, For some unknown reason I dare not go upstairs at all. It quite fazed me. I came upon this whilst looking to see if there had been similar experiences. I find it most interesting. J.E.

Willow said...

The corridor you refer to J.E. used to be an outside wall until the Annex room was added. A shadowy, hooded figure has been seen thereabouts on several occasions.