Monday, 4 January 2010

St. Mary's Walk - Devizes

Running parallel to St Mary’s Church is St. Mary’s Walk. Many locals will not use this route after dark, simply because of who is buried there and the terrifying tales associated with the walkway.

During the Civil War of 1643, Devizes became overrun with the bodies of fallen soldiers, space was at a premium in the churchyards, so in desperation, a decision was taken to bury the bodies upright (standing room only people) close to the church in an effort to conserve space.

Recently, during redevelopment of the area, sixteen bodies were unearthed and reburied in St. Mary’s church. However, beneath the paving slabs of St. Mary’s Walk, there still stand many of the bodies of those lost souls.

Stories from unsuspecting individuals claiming to have had their ankles and feet grabbed by unseen hands, vehemently believe that they have been the victims of the ghosts of long dead soldiers, who are said to reach up from their graves beneath the paving slabs of St. Mary‘s Walk.

Many have witnessed 'vaporous looking figures,' which appear to stand unmoving on the walk way. I must say, having walked this route at night, it can be a pretty spooky place...I dare you!

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