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The Waggon and Horses Beckhampton - update

18th January 2014
I popped into the Waggon and Horses over the weekend for a pint and spent some time chatting with Ryan and Hannah; the current landlord and lady. As is often the case with establisments that have featured in this blog, the subject of ghosts invariably comes up. So I was interested to learn of some rather strange developments over the Christmas period.

Ryan and Hannah had family and friends staying over. One night, Ryan’s mother was woken by what she described as her bed shaking. In the corner of the room by the bedroom door she saw a cloaked-hooded figure. She was not frightened by this intrusion, instead more concerned for the effects the visitor might have on the little girl who, hopefully, was still sound asleep in the next bed. She glanced across to check that was the case; the girl slept on. As she turned back toward the door the figure had vanished. Next morning she examined the spot where the figure had been standing. There on the carpet she noticed what appeared to be scuffs marks where the carpet had been “balled up,” as if someone or something had been vigorously wiping its feet.

Ryan’s mum will be the first to admit that she is sceptical of ghosts, indeed, Ryan said that if anybody else had claimed to have seen what she had, he would have treated their claim with some suspicion. It is interesting to note that the apparition appeared in the bedroom immediately above the bar where the ghost of an elderly gentleman and his dog has been seen.

Another unrelated episode occurred whilst Ryan and a friend were stood outside the bar having a cigarette. The pub had closed and the staff had gone home, the family were upstairs. As they were chatting, Ryan suddenly piped up “did you hear that?” “what?” replied his friend. At that moment they both heard beer barrels being scrapped across the cellar floor. Exchanging glances and with a resounding “No!” they finished their cigarettes and retired to bed, both too tired to investigate and who could blame them.

The cellar door is often a focus for “oddities.” It is latched but occasionally when staff have gone down to change a barrel it is wide-open. Both Kristy and Hannah have noticed the door open when having previously closed it. This could of course be put down to forgetfulness, but the rattling of the door heard from upstairs when nobody is down there…well that’s a matter for consideration.

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